LGH Consulting will conduct your annual reserve study

LGH Consulting, Inc has been conducting reserve studies since California passed its HOA reserve study law. In fact, our Anaheim, CA-based accounting firm has a certified reserve specialist on staff. When it's time to conduct a reserve study, turn to our APRA-certified firm first. Our reports are not only incredibly thorough, but also simple to read and understand.

LGH Consulting will...

  • Comply with all California HOA reserve study requirements
  • Provide resources so you can make informed financial decisions
  • Explain basic assumptions, definitions and projections in simple terms
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Why is a reserve study so important?

An annual reserve study is not only required by California law, but it also helps HOA boards plan for the future. After LGH Consulting has prepared your HOA reserve study...

  • You'll know what kinds of short- and long-term expenses to expect.
  • You'll know when to repair or replace community features (based on a visual site inspection conducted every three years).
  • You'll have the information needed to decide how to fund your reserves.
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