Could your family benefit from a trust set up?

If you die without leaving a trust in the Anaheim, CA area and own at least $150,000 in assets, your estate could go through probate. Spare your family the stress of probate delays and expensive attorney fees-establish a trust so your family can rest easy.

LGH Consulting can complete your trust set-up tasks. Call 714-808-9170 today to learn more.

5 reasons why estate planning works for Anaheim, CA residents

Very few people want their money to go toward probate fees and taxes when they pass away. With careful estate planning, you can ensure that more of your hard-earned money goes toward your family. LGH Consulting, Inc, an Anaheim, CA-based accounting firm, will give you peace of mind about your family's financial future.

When you rely on us for estate planning services, you can...

  1. Know what will happen to your business or real estate
  2. Minimize taxation by transferring your assets
  3. Leave the complex trust set-up tasks to us
  4. Discuss ways to restructure your debts
  5. Protect your assets from creditors
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